The Highest-Paying Jobs for Making Your Own Hours

Freelance work, massage therapy, medical coding, and driver jobs commonly allow flexible work schedules. Most of these jobs will require you to sign a contract. If you have experience as a real estate agent, you can work as a representative or a manager for a real estate company.

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25 Jobs Where You Can Choose Your Own Hours

Jobs where you can choose your own hours have become increasingly common with the prevalence of technology that allows people to stay in constant communication. Finding a work schedule you can control can give you more options for balancing your career with other obligations. In this article, we describe the benefits of choosing your work hours, list jobs where you can choose your own hours and offer tips for finding a job where you decide when to work.

1. Travel nurse

Primary duties: A travel nurse is a registered nurse who treats medical conditions in different places based on the short-term employment needs of the facility. They can observe patients, perform tests and counsel patients about their treatment plans while traveling the world. Travel nurses can also treat medical conditions.

2. Real estate agent

Primary duties: Real estate agents, often called Realtors in the U.S., are sales professionals who assist with the sale of homes and commercial properties. They can generate leads, advise clients, set housing prices and host showings of available property for buyers. Real estate agents can also take photos of properties and create listings of properties for online postings.

3. Project management consultant

Primary duties: A project management consultant plans, develops and oversees projects through to completion. Companies can hire project managers to perform these duties on a contract basis, allowing project management consultants to choose their own schedules. IT, health care, engineering are a few industries that commonly hire project management consultants.

4. Web developer

Primary duties: A web developer is a technology professional who builds websites using programming languages and code like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Web developers often work for companies that allow employees to choose their own schedules. They can create new websites or maintain existing websites for clients.

5. Consultant

Primary duties: A consultant is a professional provides their expertise and guidance in a particular area to clients. Companies can hire independent consultants to advise them on the best practices for a company’s processes. Consultants can bring their expertise to many industries, including IT, finance and human resources.

6. Sales representative

Primary duties: A sales representative sells products and services to clients. These professionals can work remotely on their own schedules. They can generate leads, negotiate contracts and provide reports on their performance. Sales representatives can sell to companies or consumers.

7. Massage therapist

Primary duties: A massage therapist uses massage to help relieve pain for clients. They can work independently to choose their own hours. Massage therapists can discuss pain symptoms, educate clients on stretches and other practices that offer pain relief, and record client information to provide well-rounded care for clients.

8. Web content manager

Primary duties: A web content manager can develop, implement and manage the copy for a website. They can assign content writing work and devise strategies to help inform a website’s audiences and improve search engine optimization. Web content managers often work remotely on their own schedules to manage content on a website.

9. Freelance graphic designer

Primary duties: A graphic designer plans, creates and maintains digital art for their clients. They can choose their own hours by working as independent contractors. Freelance graphic designers can develop and implement a design plan for a client that includes color, typography, animation and design elements to convey a client’s desired style or character.

10. Freelance editor

Primary duties: An editor reviews and suggests changes to help refine a piece of writing. Editors can work on a freelance basis to improve pieces of writing for books, web content and publications. They can also collaborate with writers and clients to establish style guides that contribute to a client’s writing voice.

11. Tutor

Primary duties: A tutor helps students understand difficult concepts to help them perform better in an academic subject. Tutors can meet with students, track their progress and use their expertise to help their clients learn. They can utilize their knowledge in a subject area to build a client base that allows them to enforce a flexible work schedule.

12. Recruiter

Primary duties: A recruiter helps match qualified candidates with open positions at companies. They can work their own schedules while collecting resumes, screening applicants and helping companies fill their staffing needs. Recruiters can also schedule interviews with companies and candidates to help ease the hiring process for companies and candidates alike.

10 Highest-Paying Jobs for Making Your Own Hours

It is possible to earn a high salary working a remote job. You can increase your chances of landing a remote job by enhancing your skills and developing a portfolio that highlights your experience and expertise. Flexible hours allow employees to perform their duties while helping prevent some of the boredom that comes with working a nine-to-five job.

Content Managers

Content managers oversee the overall content production for a platform. They collaborate with their creative staff and freelance workers to generate written, video, or audio content. Managers must direct the materials used and edit for appropriateness of tone, style, and subject matter. They often also add input on the layout and graphic presentation of the brand or website.

Content managers dictate the social media content strategy and make sure high-quality blog content is produced. They coordinate with freelance writers and editors to set schedules and deadlines and align content creation with strategic and business goals. They have a fairly flexible schedule but must make sure they meet deadlines.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers create visuals and designs based on client briefs and requirements. They work on advertisements, magazine productions, brochures, and reports. They have a good eye for colors and layouts along with good communication and analytical skills to understand client requirements.

Graphic designers have knowledge in design techniques and use a variety of design elements like text, logos, images, and their properties to produce effective and creative designs. Graphic designers work independently or with design companies. They have flexible hours with workloads dependent on deadlines.

Interpreters and Translators

An interpreter or language translator converts information from one spoken language to another. Translators work in written language and must be fluent in both languages. There is a high demand across many industries for interpreters. Countless companies and government departments hire translators for a variety of services.

Interpreters work in settings like schools, courtrooms, and conference centers. They work as needed for a wide variety of contexts. Translators commonly work remotely under deadlines and tight schedules. They can have irregular hours and long hours depending on the project they have undertaken.

Freelance Photographers

Freelance photographers shoot pictures to sell to advertisers and content providers. They have knowledge of camera equipment and lighting techniques to film quality images. Digital design platforms and social media content creators are always in need of a constant stream of images to complement their web and social media content.

Networking is essential to the success of freelance photographers. Freelance photographers may keep regular hours, but shooting schedules often vary. Fieldwork is common and photographers must be available to work night and weekend events. Photographers must master skills in photo editing tools and build a portfolio to showcase their work.


Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Passenger vehicle drivers transport people to their destination. Their work schedule varies depending on passengers and their destinations. Common examples are taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers, school bus drivers, intercity bus drivers, and chauffeurs. With a valid driver’s license, you can earn a good income in this flexible job.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists help clients with chronic muscle pain, assist in healing after injuries, and also perform massages for general relaxation. They have expertise in using their hands, forearms, and elbows to massage the soft tissues of their clients. They need good physical strength and endurance to give massages.

Massage therapists often work out of their own homes and are self-employed. It is often a part-time job where they control their own schedules. They are also employed by businesses and wellness centers where they provide direct client care. For a career in massage therapy, you must receive some training to take care of clients with medical conditions and injuries.

Fitness Trainers

Fitness trainers host exercise activities individually or in groups. These activities can include cardiovascular workouts, strength training, and stretching sessions. During the job, they might assist in managing a front desk, signing up new members, consulting clients, giving tours of the facility, or maintaining equipment.

Fitness instructors generally work in fitness centers, but may sometimes work with clients in their homes as personal fitness trainers. This is often a part-time job that may include nights, weekend hours, or holidays. Trainers may work at different gyms and conduct sessions and classes at times that accommodate their work schedules.


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