The Definite Guide to Digital Agency

You might be wondering whether there is any possibility of making your own website. Yes, there is and this you can do even right away. Either you can engage the services of a website designer or you do it by yourself by making an online free website. How? Good question, through the Internet. It is meant for all beginners including those that do not know anything concerning websites or its making. When you have gone through this article, you will be well-informed on the subject matter, thereby enabling you to achieve your desire and goal to make your own website.

I am going to lead you through the necessary stages in making your own website online.

  • Getting a domain name This is the most important stage and the first on your to-do list. You might ask what a domain name is. This is a name ascribed to your website. There is no website without a domain name. For instance, the domain name of a popular search engine called Google is “”. To have your own domain name, you have to pay a fee annually. It is for the privilege to be using the name. After getting a domain name, the process of creating your site will start. Just like having a business name incorporated does not imply that you have a store for your business, similar is the case here. You can research tips for selecting a domain name including the process of registration.
  • Next on making your own website online is selecting a web host by signing up an account with them – A web host is simply a firm with many computers linked to the internet. If you create your web pages on a particular web host, anybody from anywhere in the world will not only link to them but also be able view them. In order to procure a home for your website, you have to create an account with the web page firm. It is similar to hiring a shop or store for your incorporated business. You can always Google on selecting a good web-hosting firm. When you are done with the creating of your account, you have to direct your domain to the account you created on the web host.
  • In addition to making your own website online, you will have to create your web pages or creating your website. This follows the stage one and two. If you will be making the web pages on your own, then read on. However, if you employ the services of a web designer, you can skip this stage. As a fresher, you will face many issues when making a simple free web page online. Then as you progress, you can actually give it a professional touch. For you to do this, you will have to use a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) web editor or any other free web page editor which functions like a word processor and makes it possible for you to making the site visually. One of the web page editors is Dreamweaver and KompoZer (free of charge). You can perform a research about these sites and make use of the tutorials to get it going. Remember to study on making your website friendly to search engines, especially Google.
  • Trying out your website is on the list of making your own website online. You can do this during the process of making the site on the different browsers such as the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and so on all of the latest versions. Acting on this is the only way for you to be guaranteed that the site is working and for you to view the sites as it will be. The good news is that these browsers are all free and you can download them online.
  • If your site is a commercial one, you should have a column for gathering the information on credit card and be ready to advertise or market your product. Visit search engines so that you will be well informed on this.
  • After publishing your own website online, remember to submit your website name to Google and other search engines if your website is ready. Use these links Googles Link Submission Page and Bings Site Submission Page for doing this.

If you are looking to make your own online free website look out for offers or discounts at each of these stages.

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