5 Best Creative and Interesting Jobs

Despite the clamor for more jobs on the market, most professionals and experts in the corporate world would suggest working in a job that interests you and pushes you to be better. If you are veering towards the creative arts, you’re extremely lucky because these are the jobs in the market today that can pay the highest while establishing your name as a force in the industry.

Here are the top creative and interesting jobs for the last quarter of 2012 and into 2013.

Working with the classic and priceless art work is inspiring at the very least but it is also a highly rewarding job that is pretty tough to land. Nonetheless, should you be picked as a curator for a top museum, you will feel like you won the lottery because you will be around the most beautiful pieces of art work in the world.

Be A Web Designer

As of December 2011, there were 555 million websites, an increase of 300 million in one year! With a reputable company on web design Melbourne has to offer, you won’t be wanting for work. In fact, you will probably be bombarded with requests and job offers as soon as you start marketing your skills online. Furthermore, the best part about being a web designer is that it is an international market and you can accept work from halfway across the world and not have to travel to get the contract and be paid in your preferred currency.

As far as creativity is concerned, creating new websites is a never-ending challenge for artists because each web page can be a new blank slate where they can create something fresh, new, and interesting.

Be a Video Game Developer

Creating games or apps is like playing all day in one sense because you have to test your work every so often. At the same time, a video is never done by just one person. It is team work which can get extremely interesting as you bond as a group. In most cases, a team developing a new game or app end up seeing each other much more than they see their families or friends, and this closeness strengthens with every successful game released.

For a taste of something more to tempt you to choose this line of work, how about a starting salary of US$50,000 which is the average salary for a gamer?

Be A Visual Designer

A visual designer gets to work in many different industries aside from fashion. In fact any business that has a product to sell will need a visual designer. This person designs packaging, promotional materials, works with web designers, controls the entire visuals of a company from A to Z. This is one of the top jobs you could possibly want because it covers so many bases.

Technically, you have the pick of the crop and can choose any industry and find work in it. In today’s global crisis when jobs can be scarce and competitive, having that edge will work for your benefit.

Be a Landscape Artist

Not everyone is into IT and computers, and for these people a job as a landscaper might just fit them to a tee. The demand for landscapers continue to grow because of the natural calamities, development of residential and commercial areas, and the fact that having a great outdoor increasing property value by a whopping percent. It could boil down to being chased down to get you to work on a property based on past work – which could mean being able to name your price – and that makes for an excellent job choice!

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