Some Examples of Usable Mobile Webs Layouts

If your web analytics software indicates that a number of people are reaching your website via a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet PC, it is time to create a mobile version of your website, for your online business. Like a professional writing service will guide you on can someone write my paper online this article will guide you on creating a mobile version for your website. It has become very important to develop a mobile website as the number of mobile users surfing the internet has grown dramatically over the last year or so.

Understanding the benefits of developing a dedicated mobile website is the key to attracting potential new customers to your business and the following top tips will help you to create a mobile website.

Top Tips To Create A Mobile Website

1. Make it extremely easy for your mobile visitors to find the information they are searching for

According to a recent analysis of mobile search trends, mobile devices accounted for about 30 percent of all online searches related to restaurants. In addition, 9 out of 10 such searches converted to a sale either a visit to the restaurant or an order over the phone.

People using mobile phones are searching for quick and easily accessible information like a phone number, opening times, or a location map. If you are looking to close sales, make it extremely easy for mobile users to reach you. Show them clear navigation buttons so that they can reach any page they want, in a click or two.

2. Make your mobile pages load fast, real fast!

Mobile users will not wait ten seconds for your website to load. Ideally, your site needs to load in five seconds or less. If your mobile pages take forever to load, your mobile users will go back to the search results, or abandon their search altogether.

Limit the size of images and reduce the use of Flash content. Make loading speed your priority and people will love you for that.

3. Use as few design elements as possible

You have very limited space to work with. Displaying lots of images and links on every page will lead to a poor user experience, which is something you never want to happen.

A clean and clutter-free design is what will get your visitor’s attention. Always remember that your site will be displayed on very small screen size. Make sure that there is very little scrolling if any, and only display the important information that matters.

4. Use a large font and navigation buttons

Make the font and navigation elements large enough for both eyes and fingers. Tapping is the new clicking. Mobile users tap on navigation buttons to navigate within your site. Make sure the visitors can read the text easily and navigate comfortably.

5. Redirect your visitors to your mobile website

Make sure that the visitors reaching your site via a mobile device are automatically redirected to your dedicated mobile website. Your mobile website should load quickly and provide the only necessary information, such as basic product details, location map, and telephone number. Reserve the sexy graphics, Flash elements, and long text content for your regular website.

6. Give your visitors the option to visit your traditional desktop website

Sometimes the mobile users will want to visit a website designed for desktop use. Therefore it is important that you provide a link to your regular website. This will allow your visitors to explore your main website if they choose to.

7. Track your visitors with web analytics

Create a separate Google Web Analytics profile for your mobile website. This will help you track your desktop and mobile websites separately. You will then be able to analyze how user behavior varies between the two website versions.

The following 5 Things To Think About When Creating A Mobile Website video also contains a number of helpful tips to create a mobile website.

Follow these tips to create a mobile website and your business will see an increase in sales and profits, starting from day one.

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